frɪʃta: sætˈɔri

My Statement

I feel that my greatest strengths are firstly exceptional analytical skills with a strong capacity to solving problems through conceptualizing and communicating complex problems in simple terms to technology, product, and business partners; delivering well-reasoned and integrated solutions to streamline technical execution. Secondly my ability to lead teams through change by being resourceful and taking a flexible approach to management using a collaborative method but providing clear vision and direction to align staff goals to management strategies, retain and develop talent, and form productive teams that can seamlessly navigate between individual and team objectives; delivering helpful change for the organization. Thirdly my mastery of the art and science of the field through years of multi-disciplinary research, applied knowledge of the industry as it has evolved over the last two decades, and capability of taking a high-level vision and executing across diverse team structures, technologies, and functional areas, delivering quality products with quantifiable business impact.

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My Research

My research is in the field of Logical Artificial Intelligence: A broad research area in Computer Science at the intersection of Logic, Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Psychology, and Economics. It is concerned with modeling human information processing and linguistic processes, especially natural languages, in pragmatics and discourse, exploring the dynamics of interaction among agents and the underlying social, ethical, and cognitive mechanisms affecting language use.

Doctoral Dissertation

I AM. Proof of the Existential Question

GOD! Proof of God's Existence


My Achievements

A Magna Cum Laude graduate and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.

In the last two decades, running on parallel tracks of Academia and IT industry, I climbed up my career ladder to the very top while successfully completing my academic milestones.

A technology professional with over fifteen years of industry experience, the last five years being in leadership roles, overseeing technical architecture and engineering of big data and analytics platforms for teams of over thirty plus technology managers, data engineers, scientists, and web technicians at well-established companies such as AOL and The New York Times.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer science

Master of Arts in English Language

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society in the Computing Sciences

Associate in Applied Science Computer Information Systems

Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Honor Society

My Reputation

N. K. F.CEO at Travora

Farishta is perhaps one of the most professional engineering and technology systems experts that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is strategically smart, extraordinarily disciplined and highly accountable. Farishta brings a unique engineering and problem solving strength to any business by being able to analyze, plan, articulate and deliver in a fast paced environment. Her ability to be flexible and honor strategic business initiatives while simultaneously managing the day-to-day necessities of supporting multiple technology systems, engineering business priorities and production and development resources is world class. I would always want Farishta's opinion on anything I do in business as I know that she would create a hypothesis, test it, analyze it and then present it back to me in a coherent way. Farishta has the smarts and experience to fly by the seat of her pants and she does; yet she also takes great care to methodically, analytically and quite poignantly bring to the table some of the greatest questions and concerns I have ever been the recipient of in my experience working with technology partners.

J. H. M.CTO at AOL

Farishta is part of the Development team concentrating on the backend development primarily enabling Search of TV Listings and other Television content. AOL Television is regularly the #1 website in the Television space with well over 10 million unique visitors per month. Farishta has been part of it's success by applying her technical skills to enable features that make the product compelling for it's customers. Farishta is thorough and meticulous in her craft and is often a vocal proponent of ideas both technical and product to improve the overall user experience of

J. D. D.Prof. at City University of New York

Farishta is a perfectionist. She attended lectures regularly. She participated in class contributing to the discussions. She always asked intelligent and thorough questions. Her written work was excellent. She submitted projects and assignments on time. Her exam and quizzes were clear, well organized, and always correct.

My Interests

Exploring anything and everything unexplored interest me. Defining the undefined and undefining the defined is what I like to do.

I am a woman at work on subjects that interest me.

My Contact

Greater New York City

212 . 301 . 0513

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